Standard Placement Status Definitions

Submitted: Placement details have been entered but are not yet Approved. Approved: Placement is Approved and currently still open. Rejected: Placement details were rejected by a team member and need to be revised before Approval. Re-Submitted: Rejected Placement has been revised and is ready for review again. Completed: Placement has been Completed for Contract Placement […]

Standard Submission Status Definitions

Submissions are broken into Phases and statuses each phase has Statuses associated with it that capture different events happening within that phase. These Statuses capture all steps taken during the recruiting process; however, each step doesn’t have to be taken for each Candidate. In some cases, you may go through the entire process, others may […]

Standard Job Status Definitions

Accepting Candidates: A Job that is currently being recruited for and accepting new Candidate Submissions. Covered: A Job that is not yet filled however, enough Candidates have been Submitted and the Job is not accepting anymore at the time. Offer Out: A Candidate has been extended an offer for this Job and is awaiting acceptance […]

Standard Contact Status Definitions

New Lead: Brand new Contact that has not yet been vetted as a viable lead. Active: A Contact that you are currently working with at an Active Account or in the sales process. Passive: A Contact that your team doesn’t directly sell to but still has in the database for informational purposes. Examples would be […]

Standard Company Status Definitions

Unqualified: A Company that has not yet been vetted as a viable lead. Qualified Lead: A Company that has been determined as a viable lead. Proposal: A Company that is currently in the proposal stage of the sales process. Negotiation: A Company that is currently in the negotiations stage of the sales process. Active Account: […]

Standard Candidate Status Definitions

New Lead: Brand new Candidate that hasn’t yet been reviewed. Candidates parsed into Bullhorn are automatically set to New Lead. Active: Candidate that has been reviewed and qualified by your team that is currently available to be placed. Inactive: Candidate that is either currently not looking for work or being Placed: Candidate that has been […]