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It all started when...

Dan Donathan and Becky DeShields have had a working partnership since 2005. Dan, just starting his role as CIO of a national staffing company, knew the value that having a person with deep industry and company knowledge would bring to an IT department. Becky had a long career at that organization. That year, together, and with amazing teamwork from others in the organization, the company selected and successfully implemented Bullhorn. This was followed shortly with the rollout within two specialty divisions; one in the medical industry and the other specializing in direct hire for the insurance industry. Along the way, the company added a niche division specializing in accounting and financial professionals. Dan and Becky worked on successfully adding this division to Bullhorn as well.

"Dan brings value right away to any discussion and I can honestly say that I've seen countless great solutions over the years; far too many to count. In addition to co-founding Tonic HQ, Dan continues to run a full-stack IT service company. He has enormous technical talents: continuous improvement, IT and project management, and creating custom software used by hundreds of thousands of users to name a few. He is hyper-focused on quality and always going above and beyond finding new ways to add value for his clients at Bellwether IT and Tonic HQ!

In the Fall of 2014, Dan and my team worked together to move a large number of users from Bullhorn Mail to the Google platform. Even though Dan put as much (or more) effort into that success, he ended the day by giving the credit and praise to the team around him. He said: 'That was quite a day; one of the busiest I've seen, which is saying something.' He continued by saying that our team 'handled the volume with grace and a calm under fire that I'd gladly go into battle with any time.'

He is someone I always want in my corner. He is beyond sharp, loves finding a better way, is witty, and fosters a fun, creative environment!"

"I often say Becky's done every job in staffing. And while that's not quite true, she's been in several roles over her 25-year career: recruiter, branch manager, operational support, training, opening offices, and in the years leading up to the start of Tonic HQ, starting, building, and leading a much-lauded Operations Support Department.

That department handled anything operational within the business that someone might need help on, from Bullhorn to job boards, ad-hoc and formal training, new vendor integrations, pure process related questions like 'how do I run a late timecard?' and even many first level IT support issues.

Becky is a consummate professional; she's a wonderfully talented leader, trainer, mentor, and friend. Her deep knowledge of the staffing industry and her wisdom sneak up on you because she's so delightful in her approach. She'll leave a conversation knowing everything about you and your business, and you won't even realize it. Plus, she'll remember which sports your kids play and which breed of dog you have."

Alleha Navarro

Director, Solutions Consulting and Process Improvement
Fresno, California, USA

We’ve known Alleha since 2013 when Becky asked her to join her team at a previous company, providing operational help desk support to a national staffing firm. A right mix of technical knowledge, combined with an “I’ll figure it out” ethos, made her an asset to the team. She provided a unique voice and a unique perspective.

When Dan needed to push a project with an impossibly tight timeline that had to go right, he enlisted Alleha’s help. Marshaling resources, creating, and delivering training and resources, and providing logistical support, she was vital to the success of the project.

Following that project, she moved into a Project Coordinator role. Alleha built relationships with vendors, kept her team and the executive team up to speed on what was happening in the Bullhorn ecosystem and helped to plan and organize many projects from small improvements to large-scale rollouts. Her experience gives her a deep understanding of Bullhorn and its’ vendors and how people truly use them. Her first reactions are always about what the client truly needs.

Time and time again, we’ve seen Alleha take the raw elements and turn them into something wonderful. Her sense of adventure, analytical mind, and dogged determination make her the ideal team member in her role. We’re so proud of the success she’s had and feel fortunate to be a part of her career as she continues to grow.

After Dan and Becky, Alleha was Tonic HQ's first employee and as such has worked in implementation, solution consulting, client service and support. As Tonic HQ matured, she focused on Implementation Consulting and now leads that team.

Allie Starke

Implementation Consulting Lead
Denver, Colorado, USA

Allie started her career in management with one of the top ten largest retail corporations in America. In her daily responsibilities, she faced various obstacles requiring her to make high-level decisions and utilize problem solving strategies. While working with this corporation, she was offered a position out of state. Allie decided it was time to fulfil the dream of her 10-year-old self, so made the big move from New York to Colorado.

While looking for work in Colorado, Allie encountered a local staffing agency that hired her as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. Within months, she found herself growing a passion for recruiting and quickly flourished within the organization. No matter the role she took on, Allie always persevered with her unwavering work ethic and commitment to succeed.

She has a bright and inviting demeanor that radiates positivity and comfort. Allie is always thinking ahead and is prepared for whatever comes her way. She's confident in the decisions she makes and is always pushing herself to learn and grow. If she encounters a crossroads, she finds her way to the end with tenacity and grit.

One can always find Allie with a sparkling smile followed by a cheerful laugh. She is humble not only with her work engagements, but in her personal life as well. Outside of work, Allie enjoys outdoor snow sports activities, hiking, camping, and playing cards or board games. With Allie's accomplishments and positive outlook, we are excited to be part of her journey as she continues to grow and prosper both personally and professionally.

Amanda Haws

Implementation Consulting Lead
Houston, Texas, USA

Amanda has a diverse background. After working for the Roth Staffing Companies and gaining experience in Legal Staffing, she found her way to a Project Management role managing Implementations. The knowledge she's obtained from previous roles makes her well-rounded and allows her to relate to clients differently since she has experienced both sides of the process. Her patience, out-of-the-box thinking, and analytical skills will enable her to take on any challenge that comes her way. She has a passion for helping others and is willing to work beyond client expectations.

Outside of work, you can find her in the kitchen cooking a delicious meal! She also enjoys anything outdoors, such as hiking and trail running. She has a green thumb and loves photography as well! We are thrilled to have Amanda as part of our Tonic HQ Team!

Becky Gallego

Sales Coordinator
Beaufort, South Carolina, USA

Becky is organized, detail oriented, and uses her logical thinking abilities to conquer any challenge that comes her way. Her background with the Marine Corps has given her the skill set perfect for Tonic! As a files manager, she would keep track of each potential recruit going through the processing center. She looks at each project with immense detail and catches onto new skills very quickly.

She has her degree in Business Administration and is always looking to learn new things. In her spare time, she loves refinishing furniture, photography, and watching her kids play sports. Tonic HQ is lucky to have her as part of the team! 

Bridget Krikorian

Implementation Consultant
Fresno, California, USA

Bridget started her career in the Staffing Industry, overseeing the training for different offices. She trained them on how to recruit while making high-level decisions to help each office streamline and improve processes. She found her love for the Staffing Industry and joined Tonic HQ, ready to take on the Implementation process from the other side. With Bridget's wide array of knowledge, she approaches each Implementation with determination and understanding. She is a great listener and very observant. Her even-tempered and composed nature creates a perfect balance to Tonic HQ’s dynamic team.

When Bridget is not working, she loves spending time with her family, traveling, and attending the next music festival.

Christine Moua

Client Services Manager
Fresno, California, USA

Christine has been working in the staffing world since 2016. She started as a Help Desk Specialist for a national staffing company. There she had firsthand experience with Bullhorn, learning how to create processes and shortcuts, providing that expertise to each field office. Christine not only learned the overview of the company but each individual department process as well. She oversaw everything from basic technical support to the intricacies of Bullhorn. Shortly after, Christine was promoted to Franchise Support Representative. She traveled around the United States training new and existing internal staff on "best practices" for the recruiting and sales processes. That role molded her into her next position as a Training Specialist. With her vast knowledge of Bullhorn, Christine is a key player on our team.

Christine has helped shape and continues to improve our training processes. During her time as our main Trainer, she developed creative ways to give our clients the best training experience possible, helping them gain a better understanding of Bullhorn while allowing them to feel comfortable asking questions. She always goes above and beyond for each client, making sure to take the time to give them the best support. Her creative thinking, technical knowledge, and diligence to get any challenge done guided her to a promotion and becoming our Client Services Manager in 2021.

No matter how busy her day is, Christine always has a smile on her face and is willing to give a helping hand to any Tonic team member who needs it. She enjoys working in the collaborative, supportive environment of Tonic HQ, which is an integral part of who we are as a company. She enjoys the collaborative, supportive environment which is an integral part of Tonic HQ. When Christine is not working, she spends time with her family. She also enjoys cooking, fishing (mainly when she catches one), planning parties, and DIY projects. It is an immense pleasure working with Christine and we cannot wait to see all the areas she’ll add value to in the future.

Eric Flores

Software Developer
Fresno, Calfornia, USA

Eric's eagerness to learn and jump into problem solving mode is what makes him so important to the Tonic Team. As a Software Developer, he is constantly thinking about the next project and the most efficient way to complete a task. Eric is always up for a new challenge no matter how big or small, using his analytical skills to think beyond expectations. He is consistently pushing himself to learn and grow, cultivating for each project. He is willing to go the extra mile for his teammates and his clients, examining, reflecting, and adapting to new ways that will help Tonic and their businesses grow.

In his free time, he enjoys film photography, music, swimming, biking, and running. He also loves to pick up a good book! With Eric's determination and work ethic, there is no stopping him!

Eva Charette

Implementation Consultant
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Eva joined Tonic HQ with a background in the Staffing Industry. She graduated from Detroit, Michigan with a degree in Political Science with an emphasis in Campaign Management and Canvassing. Her welcoming eccentric energy brings excitement to our work environment and with her clients! Since Eva has been on both ends of the Implementation process and has had prior experience in Bullhorn, she is always willing to help her clients and makes sure they feel supported. She is empathetic and is always willing to learn more. Her curious mind keeps her eager to gain more knowledge and generate new ideas!

When she is not working, she is using her curious mind to come up with some delicious recipes in the kitchen! Not only is she an avid cook but she loves to learn about new cultures. She has vast interests in the Arts, such as music and theatre. We are so grateful to have Eva a part of the Tonic HQ Team!

Lisa Rouse

Business Administrator
Pensacola, Florida, USA

Lisa is well known for her contagious energy. She walks into any room with a smile on her face and a readiness to make an impact! In her past work experience, she has often worn an administrative hat. Her many years of experience in Human Resources, Project Management, and Budgeting have created a vast amount of valuable skills that she brings to our team.

Lisa's strong communication skills have helped her create vital relationships throughout her career. She is task-driven and works very hard handling and completing her “To Do Lists”, no matter how big or small the task at hand. Her bright demeanor and kind heart is shared with everyone she meets.

Outside of work, Lisa enjoys exploring historical landmarks, spending time with family, and traveling. She loves road trips and is always up for a good adventure. Her friendly and exuberant personality is welcomed and we’re so happy to have her as part of our Tonic Team.

Michelle Nguyen

Data Analyst
Fresno, California, USA

Ever since she was little, numbers have excited Michelle. Growing up with Vietnamese as her first language, English was a little difficult, but math and analytical skills came easily. Michelle is data-driven and an insightful analyst who aims to help companies make better business decisions while providing the data to back it up. She has experience cleaning data, building visualizations, making reports and presentations. Furthermore, she’s built scripts in JavaScript and python that assist in automating the data collection process.

Michelle has found that nothing satisfies her more than meeting new people, developing new friendships, solving problems, and contributing to the growth of a business. She finds joy in watching companies grow and succeed as a result of working together, and we find joy in watching her grow as she works with our clients and fellow team members.

Patrick Seymour

Data Services Manager
Fresno, California, USA

Patrick started as an intern with Tonic HQ in the fall of 2018. After the first week, we knew we wanted him on our team full-time. As soon as Patrick graduated from Fresno State with a Bachelor's in Computer Information Systems, he started with us the very next day. From quickly learning any new programs or software we are integrating, to digging deep into all projects, Patrick has become a significant asset to our team.

Known for his logical thinking, he is excellent at refining our data processes and creating new steps and best practices even further to reduce the margin for error. He takes extreme pride in his work and ensures no stone is left unturned. Every data migration is handled with care and precision. Keen on always doing a great job, we appreciate how important each client's data migration is to Patrick.

Patrick is a joy to work with. He is very upbeat and determined to find a solution. He is constantly researching and learning new ways to grow in his career. In March 2021, Patrick was promoted to Data Engineer and now manages our Data Team. Patrick's attention to detail and strong work ethic makes him an essential part of the Tonic Team. Outside of work, Patrick enjoys camping, hiking, playing bass guitar, and singing. Right now, his favorite music genre is alternative and indie.

RJ Curtis

Implementation Consultant
Clovis, California, USA

RJ came to Tonic HQ with a unique background. RJ is someone you would consider, a "Jack of all trades." They can step in most scenarios and get the lay of the land very quickly. With a background in Operational Management, Billing, Online Marketing, Copy Writing, and Theater they bring an exceptional amount of knowledge and creativity to Tonic. RJ's energy is contagious and is so welcoming in the office.

RJ is known as a great listener and known for their loyalty to friends and family. In their free time, RJ is writing music, singing, playing an instrument, or connecting with people. They shine on stage and love performing. We are excited to have RJ on the team!