Contact Status is a representation of your overall relationship with that given Contact within a Company. Are they new to us? Are they someone we actively place with? Do they no longer work at the company?


New Lead: Brand new Contact that has not yet been vetted as a viable lead.

Active: A Contact that you are currently working with at an Active Account or in the sales process.

Passive: A Contact that your team doesn’t directly sell to but still has in the database for informational purposes. Examples would be the client’s Accounts Payable contact or a Hiring Manager for a department you do not staff in.

DNC: A Contact that you should not contact.

Left Company: A Contact that is no longer working at that Company but you are unsure where they have moved to. Once determined you can move the Contact record to their new Company for history retention.

Archive: Hides Contact record from search results unless specifically looking in Archive.