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It all started when...

Tonic HQ may be new, but Dan and Becky have had a working partnership since 2005. Dan, just starting his role as CIO of a national staffing company, knew the value that having a person with deep industry and company knowledge would bring to an IT department. Becky had a long career at that organization. That year, together, and with amazing teamwork from others in the organization, the company selected and successfully implemented Bullhorn. This was followed shortly with the rollout within two specialty divisions; one in the medical industry and the other specializing in direct hire for the insurance industry. Along the way, the company added a niche division specializing in accounting and financial professionals. Dan and Becky worked on successfully adding this division to Bullhorn as well.

It's not (necessarily) about Gin1

Dan and Becky wanted the company name to represent how they would be serving their clients. They knew they wanted to build an organization that would be of service to clients, and also to our software partner, Bullhorn.

A tonic is something that “invigorates or strengthens” and there isn't a better way to describe the relationships we aim to build with you. We have real experience in the staffing industry and the technical skill to boot. That’s a combination that uniquely qualifies Tonic HQ to add value to your staffing business.

The expertise doesn’t end with Bullhorn; Tonic HQ has top to bottom experience in both IT and operational staffing arenas. We have great relationships with vendors and industry gurus. We can work with you to ensure your staffing business is operating efficiently and taking advantage of cutting edge best practices.

But what do Dan and Becky say about each other?


Dan:   "I often say Becky's done every job in staffing. And while that's not quite true, she's been in a number of roles over her 20-year career: recruiter, branch manager, operational support, training, opening offices, and in the years leading up to the start of Tonic HQ, starting, building and leading a much lauded Operations Support Department.

That department handled anything operational within the business that someone might need help on, from Bullhorn to job boards, ad-hoc and formal training, new vendor integrations, pure process related questions like 'how do I run a late timecard?' and even many first level IT support issues.

Becky is a consummate professional; she's a wonderfully talented leader, trainer, mentor and friend. Her deep knowledge of the staffing industry and her wisdom sneak up on you because she's so delightful in her approach. She'll leave a conversation knowing everything about you and your business, and you won't even realize it. Plus, she'll remember which sports your kids play and which breed of dog you have."


Becky: "Dan brings value right away to any discussion and I can honestly say that I've seen countless great solutions over the years; far too many to count. In addition to co-founding Tonic HQ, Dan continues to run a full-stack IT service company. He has enormous technical talents: continuous improvement, IT and project management, and creating custom software used by hundends of thousands of users to name a few. He is hyper-focused on quality and always going above and beyond finding new ways to add value for his clients at Bellwether IT and Tonic HQ!

In the Fall of 2014, Dan and my team worked together to move 300 users from Bullhorn Mail to the Google platform. Even though Dan put as much (or more) effort into that success, he ended the day by giving the credit and praise to the team around him. He said: 'That was quite a day. It's probably the busiest day I've seen, which is saying something.' He continued by saying that our team 'handled the volume wth grace and a calm under fire that I'd gladly go into battle with any time.'

He is someone I always want in my corner. He is beyond sharp, loves finding a better way, is witty, and fosters a fun, creative environment!"


Implementation Consultant
We’ve known Alleha since 2013 when Becky asked her to join her team at a previous company, providing operational help desk support to a national staffing firm. A right mix of technical knowledge, combined with an “I’ll figure it out” ethos, made her an asset to the team. She provided a unique voice and a unique perspective.

When Dan needed to push a project with an impossibly tight timeline that had to go right, he enlisted Alleha’s help. Marshaling resources, creating and delivering training and resources, and providing logistical support, she was vital to the success of the project.

Following that project, she moved into a Project Coordinator role. Alleha built relationships with vendors, kept her team and the executive team up to speed on what was happening in the Bullhorn ecosystem and helped to plan and organize many projects from small improvements to large-scale rollouts. Her experience gives her a deep understanding of Bullhorn and its’ vendors and how people truly use them. Her first reactions are always about what the client truly needs.

Time and time again, we’ve seen Alleha take the raw elements and turn them into something wonderful. Her sense of adventure, analytical mind, and dogged determination make her the ideal team member in her role. We’re so proud of the success she’s had and feel fortunate to be a part of her career as she continues to grow.

Training Specialist

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Configuration Consultant