Only dedicated approved contacts will be able to submit tickets to Bullhorn. These are called ‘Account Contacts’ or ‘Support Contacts’. Please have your main Account/Support Contact who will be primary in submitting tickets to Bullhorn complete the following for each integration you need to be turned on.

If your Support Contact has any difficulties submitting tickets, they should contact Bullhorn Support via the following numbers to have this rectified before proceeding.

US Support | +1 617-478 9126

UK Support | +44 800 032 2848


Submitting a Marketplace Support Ticket

Log into Bullhorn and Click on Help at the top right-hand corner.




Once in the Bullhorn Community, you can do anything you need to. Click into the Bullhorn ATS section before clicking on Contact Support. This will let the team know where to send the tickets.  Click on Contact Support to start a Ticket.







From here, click Submit A New Ticket.






Complete the following four fields exactly as shown below, then click Submit.

Please proceed with the Marketplace [Product Name] integration for [ADD Your Company’s Name].

Thank you!”












Next, you will receive a ticket confirmation number from Bullhorn and the integration process will begin. Typically, the next correspondence you receive will outline that the setup has been completed by Bullhorn and the Marketplace Partner has been given access to your Bullhorn database.

What Next?

The Marketplace Partner will then be in contact with you on the next steps and timelines. You should let them know that you’re working with us as we’ll be completing your Bullhorn Implementation. Please let them know they can contact us for anything they need by simply sending an email to [email protected].

Let us know if you have any questions for our Tonic Team & we’ll be happy to walk you through any piece here in the instructions.