What it is

Bullhorn’s email integration setup allows your emails to come directly into Bullhorn and appear on the corresponding record (Candidates, Contacts, or Leads). It is intended to be a passive process that captures inbound and outbound emails. 



Please provide your Technical Resource with Bullhorn’s Activity Tracking email and the help article below with instructions for them to set this up. This will need to be set up as a journaling rule using the tracking email address listed. You can review your email providers’ support/help articles to find detailed instructions on how to handle them.   

Microsoft Office 365: ATS: Enabling Bullhorn for Email (with Outlook) 

Gmail for Business: ATS: Enabling the Bullhorn Email and Calendar Integration with Gmail  

What you’ll need:

Your Activity Tracking Email (Tonic HQ will provide to you on Go Live): [COMPANY NAME].[CORP ID]@SL[SL ID]tracker.bullhornstaffing.com 



Occasionally you may experience an interruption in your email service, or you may have a database with a large number of duplicate records which can make finding your desired email tricky. This article provides several steps you can use to troubleshoot your email tracking. Consider checking your SPF and DKIM records if your sent emails are tracking but not received or vice versa.  

ATS: SPF Records and Sending Email from Bullhorn 

ATS: Troubleshooting Email Tracking (bullhorn.com) 


Next steps (if applicable): Once Email Tracking is set up, you can then begin the process to set up your Calendar Integration and Bullhorn Email Gadget/Add On.  


*Please contact BH Support if you require further assistance.