Standard Placement Status Definitions

Placement Status is a representation of the current milestone for a Placement’s progress towards completion. Is the Candidate actively working on the Placement? Was the Candidate able to successfully complete the Placement? Was the Candidate removed early from Placement?  Submitted: Placement details have been entered but are not yet Approved. Approved: Placement is Approved and […]

Standard Submission Status Definitions

Submissions are broken into Phases and statuses each phase has Statuses associated with it that capture different events happening within that phase. These Statuses capture all steps taken during the recruiting process; however, each step doesn’t have to be taken for each Candidate. In some cases, you may go through the entire process, others may […]

Standard Job Status Definitions

Job Status represents the current milestone of the order to help your team know where the job is in the recruiting process. Are you currently accepting more Candidate Submissions? Have you placed someone? Did the job get canceled?  Accepting Candidates: A Job that is currently being recruited for and accepting new Candidate Submissions. Covered: A […]

Standard Contact Status Definitions

Contact Status is a representation of your overall relationship with that given Contact within a Company. Are they new to us? Are they someone we actively place with? Do they no longer work at the company?   New Lead: Brand new Contact that has not yet been vetted as a viable lead. Active: A Contact […]

Standard Company Status Definitions

Company Status represents the overall stage of where the Company is in your sales process. Have you qualified their needs?  Have you negotiated terms? Do you no longer work with them?   Unqualified: A Company that has not yet been vetted as a viable lead. Qualified Lead: A Company that has been determined as a viable […]

Standard Candidate Status Definitions

Candidate Status represents your overall relationship with the Candidate. Are they brand new? Are they someone I am actively trying to place?  Are we no longer working with them? You will use the separate Submission Status to track the progress of the Jobs they are being/have been considered for.  New Lead: Brand new Candidate that […]