BH1 Invoice Template Samples

This article provides links to several base Invoice Templates.  You should review each template to determine which one(s) best fits your needs. Once you have selected a base template, we can assist in making changes to images, colors, fields, etc. Standard Template – Discount, Tax, Surcharge Table Invoice Blue 0 to 2 Groups Suppress $0 […]

Marketplace Partner Integration Setup Instructions

Overview Only dedicated approved contacts will be able to submit tickets to Bullhorn. These are called ‘Account Contacts’ or ‘Support Contacts’. Please have your main Account/Support Contact who will be primary in submitting tickets to Bullhorn complete the following for each integration you need to be turned on. If your Support Contact has any difficulties […]

Invoice Email Variables

You can insert email variables into your Invoice email Subject and Body. Below is a list of available variables. [FIRM_NAME] – Company Name [FIRM_SITE] – Company Website [FIRM_PHONE_NUMBER] – Company Phone Number [APP_SITE] – The URL for the login page [INVOICE_START_DATE]- Start date of Invoice [INVOICE_END_DATE] – End date of Invoice [INVOICE_NUMBER] – Number of […]

Providing Custom Export Examples

If your Tonic HQ Implementation includes custom Employee and Pay Data exports, it is important that we receive examples of the format needed to successfully import into your payroll system. These vary from system to system so to ensure we put the correct format for your needs in place, we ask that you request examples […]

Open Source Career Portal

What it is The Open Source Career Portal (OSCP) is a free customizable job portal that gives job seekers access to your company’s published jobs. The files will need to be uploaded to your website by your web developer. The OSCP is built using lightweight JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. For best results, we recommend using a Web […]

Automatic Resume Parser

What it is The Automatic Resume Parser processes incoming resumes to candidate records in real-time. Candidate resumes are sent to a designated inbox in Bullhorn. New records are created and assigned the status of New Lead. Ownership is assigned to the user associated with the resume parsing address, usually the Unassigned account (a placeholder account […]

Bullhorn Email Integration

What it is Bullhorn’s email integration setup allows your emails to come directly into Bullhorn and appear on the corresponding record (Candidates, Contacts, or Leads). It is intended to be a passive process that captures inbound and outbound emails.    Set-up Please provide your Technical Resource with Bullhorn’s Activity Tracking email and the help article […]

Requesting a Data Backup

Requesting a backup from your legacy system This will be an email sent to your Legacy System Support. Below you will see sample verbiage you can use for requesting a backup from your legacy system. Feel free to change things around but be sure to keep the technical details the same so they provide it […]

BBO Logo Requirements

We will need your company’s logo images to upload to a few spaces in Bullhorn Back Office to properly include your branding. Login Page This image is displayed on your login page for any Candidates, Clients, and Admins that will log into the Time Entry/Onboarding portal. File Requirements: .png format Transparent Background 480 x 150 […]