If your Tonic HQ Implementation includes custom Employee and Pay Data exports, it is important that we receive examples of the format needed to successfully import into your payroll system. These vary from system to system so to ensure we put the correct format for your needs in place, we ask that you request examples from your payroll provider, and submit them to us.

What Exports are Included

In the Tonic HQ Standard Bullhorn Back Office implementation, an Employee Export and Pay Data Export are included. These are used to streamline the process of moving data out of Bullhorn and into your final payroll system.

Employee Export

This is used to extract employee details for anyone newly hired or recently updated from Bullhorn to be imported into your final payroll system. This usually includes details such as:

Pay Data Export

This is used to extract your time & expense details for each pay period to be imported into your final payroll system to properly calculate taxes and cut checks. This usually includes the following details for each Employee being paid within that cycle:

Sending a Request for Examples

If you do not already have examples of what your export formats need to be, you can request this by reaching out to their support.

Sample Verbiage:

“Hello Support, 

We are currently working with a new Time and Expense system and need to obtain examples of the proper employee and pay data import formats needed for your import processes. Can you please provide examples of each of the following import formats:  

Employee: for new or updated employees and all required payroll details. 

Pay Data: ongoing time and expense details for payroll processing. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or need any further details for this request. 

Thank you”