What it is

The Open Source Career Portal (OSCP) is a free customizable job portal that gives job seekers access to your company’s published jobs. The files will need to be uploaded to your website by your web developer. The OSCP is built using lightweight JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. For best results, we recommend using a Web Host that supports SSL, such as GoDaddy or Amazon AWS S3. 



The OSCP is a free download from our GitHub site and will need to be configured to work with your website so you may need assistance from a web developer. 

Download here: GitHub – bullhorn/career-portal: A Bullhorn Platform SDK app that allows candidates to search for and apply to jobs. 


ATS: Open Source Career Portal (bullhorn.com) 

This article will cover: 


What you’ll need:

Swimlane (Tonic HQ will provide to you on Go Live): SL[SL ID] 

Corp Token (Tonic HQ will provide to you on Go Live): [CORP TOKEN]