What it is

The Automatic Resume Parser processes incoming resumes to candidate records in real-time. Candidate resumes are sent to a designated inbox in Bullhorn. New records are created and assigned the status of New Lead. Ownership is assigned to the user associated with the resume parsing address, usually the Unassigned account (a placeholder account that is not associated with any specific individual). Please note, the parser will try to parse the body of an email when no attachment is present. 



An email forwarding rule will need to be set up from your desired auto-parse email to the listed forwarding address. Please provide the BH Forwarding email address below to your Technical Resource if applicable.

*For Google Business you will need to redirect incoming messages to another email address from your settings and ‘Add a new Routing setting,’ i.e. IF the recipient is [email protected] (the primary email for your  

unassigned user) THEN change the recipient to your BH parsing email 

[CORP ID].resumes@sl[SL ID]tracker.bullhornstaffing.com. 


*Note: The primary email created for the unassigned user is not intended to be a functioning inbox. This email address will attempt to create a new Candidate record from any email it receives provided there is not already a Candidate record for that person in Bullhorn. 


What you’ll need:

Client Email Address: [email protected] (example)   

Bullhorn Forwarding Address (Tonic HQ will provide to you on Go Live): [CORP ID].resumes@sl[SL ID]tracker.bullhornstaffing.com 



First, test your Auto-Parse by sending an email to your Client Email Address with an example resume attached to it. Check Bullhorn to confirm that the candidate has been added to your environment. It can sometimes take 10-15 minutes for the candidate to show up in Bullhorn. 


Please contact BH Support if you require further assistance.