Requesting a backup from your legacy system

This will be an email sent to your Legacy System Support. Below you will see sample verbiage you can use for requesting a backup from your legacy system. Feel free to change things around but be sure to keep the technical details the same so they provide it in the format we need.  

When you send your request for backup, please CC [email protected] 

**Please Note: If you are a Salesforce, CATS, Big Biller, Sendouts, or Daylight Client, you will only need to send us the login. We will be able to request the backup.** 

Sample Verbiage: 

“Hello Support,  

We would like a complete backup of our database in the form of a full SQL backup. We would also like an export of any other data associated with our account (e.g. notes, files, pictures and any other data that is not included in the SQL backup). Tonic HQ will be handling our data migration, so please make this available to them for download. If there is any reversible encryption within the database or anything that would make the data inaccessible, we would like the encryption key or whatever data is necessary to be able to fully access it.  

Please make this backup available on an FTP or similar site that will allow us to download it. If this isn’t possible and you would like us to provide a site for you to upload it, please let us know and we can make that available to you.  

Please let us know what information you need to proceed with this and provide us with an estimated time of completion.  

Thank you so much.”